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Dietitian and Chef work together to present Heathy and Appitizing Meals for patients


Tip of the Month

Tip 1
- Food is what fuels our bodies. One hour before exercising, fuel your exercise by eating carbohydrate foods such as fruit, bread, oatmeal, or granola bars.  Chase Williams, Dietetic Intern, VAMC Lexington, KY

Tip 2- Stay hydrated by drinking water while exercising. Do not wait until you start sweating to begin hydrating.  Chase Williams, Dietetic Intern, VAMC Lexington, KY

Tip 3- Don’t forget to replenish your body with a source of carbohydrate and protein to refuel your body and preserve muscle. Have a snack within 30 minutes of a workout. A common snack is an 8 oz. glass of low fat chocolate milk. Chase Williams, Dietetic Intern, VAMC Lexington, KY

Tip 4 - Regular soda has calories and sugar, making it a poor drink choice. Diet soda and diet drink mixes contain no calories and no sugar, making it a healthier choice than regular soda.  Rebekah Colwell, Dietetic Intern, VAMC Lexington, KY Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Tip: Get fit!

Tip 5 - If you are overweight, losing just 5-10% of your body weight can help lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels.
-Katie Berry Dietetic Intern,  Lexington VAMC

Need new ideas for recipes? 

The VA Yummy Benefits Cookbook; a healthy cooking guide has many good ideas. A Lower Sodium Cookbook is also available.   Get other healthy recipe ideas at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. 

Increase Your Fiber and Vegetable intake: 

Watch Registered Dietitian Christie Rossick from the VA Pittsburgh making a green spinach smoothie on YouTube. This food demonstration represents preparation in a homelike, not healthcare setting. Please be sure to practice safe food handling and hand washing when preparing meals and snacks

The Martinsburg VAMC Nutrition and Food Services is highlighted in the YouTube Video Food as Medicine at the VA Medical Center.”  The West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition (WVFFC) recently released a six- minute You Tube video about the Martinsburg VAMC Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) local food program.  The video content underscores how a government agency is supporting some of First Lady Michelle Obama’s causes: improved nutrition; health; and gardening.  The majority of the NFS staff members at the Martinsburg VAMC, are Veterans who have worked hard to implement, develop, and sustain the use of locally grown fresh produce in their Veteran meal service.  This program is representative of the larger VHA NFS progress toward healthy Veterans and communities including:
•       Promotion of 33 farmers markets at VAMCs across the country;
•       Supporting an emerging trend to procure and serve locally grown produce in VAMCs including San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington DC, Clarksburg, and Martinsburg; and
•       Implementation of Healthy Teaching Kitchens at select medical centers to teach the Veterans how to prepare simple, delicious, and nutritious meals.


  Choose My Plate - USDA guildelines for healthy eating.  Plate where half is fruit and Vegetables, and the other half is whole grains and protein. website:  www.choosemyplate.gov


VA Vantage Blog:  Every Body, Every Day: How to Get Fit 

Whole Grains are a part of a Healthy Diet 

Get the scoop on Whole Grains - VA Blog by Deborah Davis

Recipe Ideas for Incoporating Whole Grains

More information on Whole Grains

The VA has Registered Dietitians ready and willing to assist you with your nutrition and health concerns.  Just ask!
-Let your doctor or nurse know you want to speak with a dietitian.
-At your next VA visit, ask to be referred to a  dietitian.
-Ask if there are any same day appointments or nutrition classes with the dietitian.
-Contact your local VA. Ask to be transferred to the Nutrition Clinic or Nutrition and Food Services to schedule an appointment.

What’s on Your Plate?

Learning how to build a healthy plate is important in maintaining weight and reaching health goals. Learn More 

VHA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP) Healthy Living Messages:

Eat Wisely:   Video 

Be Physically Active:      Video  

Strive for a Healthy Weight:    Video 


Nutrition Handouts

Please see our new section on nutrition handouts.  These handouts have been developed by Registered Dietitians at VHA medical centers throughout the country.Click here to see the handout section.

VA Nutrition and Food Service is Going Green... 

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to assess how "green" your food service operation is?  Would you like help developing a sustainable food service plan?
Then click here for the updated checklist "VHA Going Green Food Service Checklist".   (You need to have Microsoft Excel or the current viewer to view this document)


Veterans Nutrition Information       

Learn more about the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) progressive programs for both preventive nutrition/wellness and medical nutrition therapy (MNT) at VA health care facilities and systems throughout the nation.

The following links are for Nutrition and Food Service Professionals and college graduates looking for an accredited Dietetic Internship Program.

Dietetic Internship Programs   

Are you looking for a Dietetic Internship program?  Learn about the various VA Dietetic Internship programs available.  

Employment Opportunities in VA Nutrition and Food Service   

We are always looking for qualified and motivated applicants to join our Nutrition and Food Service Team.  Find resources and information about applying for these positions.