United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Nutrition and Food Services

Nutrition Handouts

Bariatric Surgery

Before Bariatric Surgery: Things to Think About
How Does Bariatric Surgery Work 

Heart Health

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Long     Short
Common Oils and Fats
Lifestyle change to Improve Heart Health
Preparing for Heart Healthy Dining
DASH Diet 


Managing Pre-Diabetes (updated 12/10)
Diabetes Guidelines
Hypoglycemia 1515 Rule 

Sodium Restrictions

20 Ways to Lower Sodium 
Low Sodium Cookbook
Low Sodium Cooking
Low Sodium Diet Tips  
Sodium and Heart Failure
Sodium and Hypertension
Sodium and Liver Disease 


Types of Fiber
Increasing Fiber Intake
Fiber in Food

Nutrition and Cancer

Healthy Ways to Add Calories
High Calorie High Protein Beverages (updated 10-2013)
Altered Taste and Smell
Poor Appetite
Guidelines for Cancer Prevention
Safe Food Handling 

Food and Drug Interaction

Herb and Supplements
Glucose Lowering Medications (4/2013)
Vitamin K Content of Foods
Warfarin and Your Diet 


20 Ways to Lower Sodium
Low Sodium Cookbook
Low Sodium Cooking
Low Sodium Diet Tips
Potassium Content of Foods
Internet References for Renal Nutrition
Diet and Hemodialysis
Protein and Sodium Guidelines: Pre-Dialysis 

Weight Management

Snack Attack Ideas
Tips for Restaurant Eating
Basic of Weight Loss
Calorie Content of Foods
Quitter's Guide to Weight Control (5-2013)
Grocery Shopping 


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) (5/2013)
Food Allergies and Intolerances
Nutrition and SCI
Vitamin D
Parkinson Disease
Nutrition Guide During a Disaster or Flu Pandemic 


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